It would be hard to forget you Harry—you worked along side me in the Directorate in PNG and encouraged and helped in the formation of the Bible Translation Association of Papua New Guinea. Later you became Director yourself.

You often had members in your office because you were in charge of language programs and had to give advice to teams on allocation priorities or particular problems that arose from time to time. (And they did bubble up, something like oatmeal when it is cooking on the stove.) When we had our “Director’s meetings” you were there with your wisdom and occasional wit.

You were far funnier playing on the golf course at Kainantu. I remember you standing on the hill near where the old course “house” once stood and hitting the ball a long ways—sometimes straight—with a one- or two-iron (I don’t remember which, but I know it wasn’t a wood).

I also remember you playing catch with your son Jim—you could really wing a softball and I was glad we played slow pitch as teams. We wouldn’t have been able to handle your blistering fast balls and, besides, you could have badly injured someone because we didn’t wear helmets.

In some ways you were the grandfather to all of us in the administration, although that sounds funny now that we are all grandfathers (and grandmothers—some of us even great GFs and GMs). And in the loss of your spouses you displayed incredible faith and hope.

You will recognize us, I’m sure, but, just in case, I’m also going to attach a photo of Joice and me on our 50th wedding anniversary (we have now passed 58).

Congratulations Harry. (And you too, Arlene, for taking such good care of him.) May you live to celebrate your 100th, still faithful to our Lord as you have always been. (Unfortunately, Harry died this year—in 2017.)

Karl and Joice