Ryan J. Pemberton, 2015. Called to the journey to C.S. Lewis’s house and back again. Kindle edition.

Ryan Pemberton writes his story in a disarming way, drawing the reader into his Oxford journey, where one meets his wife, bike rides, long hours in libraries, and living in the house once owned by C.S. Lewis. He writes intimately of his wife and many friends who engage with him in his struggles and accomplishments.

At Oxford he meets Walter Hooper, once the personal secretary of Lewis, who asks him to be president of the C.S. Lewis society. Hooper becomes a friend and encourager of Pemberton.

There are disappointments, especially related to Pemberton’s expectations as a writer and author, but they lead eventually to the certainty of the call of God. His definition of call is one that appeals to me:

“Being called means surrendering the story we’ve been fighting to tell, and to instead accept the story God wants to tell with our lives.” Loc 2787 of 2901 (Kindle edition).

This book would be helpful for any college, university, or seminary student who is interested in following Christ unconditionally.

Pemberton is on the board of directors for Jesus’ Economy, an international nonprofit organization that creates jobs and churches in the developing world.