It hasn’t been easy to retire from my organization! When we joined the two organizations (WBT and SIL) in August of 1956, there were a couple of forms and interviews and that was it–we were in!  I don’t suppose it was quite that easy: undoubtedly they checked that we had not robbed any banks and were really who we said we were–or at least thought we were.

But today I spent most of my time filling out forms–a formal request to retire, how I might function as a volunteer, our financial situation, emergency instructions about death and burial, compiling a letter Wycliffe would send out to our donors, revising a list of who those people were, and then more about our impending financial plan. I was mentally exhausted, not exhilarated, as when we joined over 58 years ago.

Of course it is very complicated today because life is more complicated–there are legal issues as well as personal ones, and Wycliffe wants to be sure that all their bases are covered. It wouldn’t be good if the second baseman wasn’t paying attention and the runner stole second. Everyone must be alert.

After 58 years I don’t know any of the people who work in the Human Relations Department. I suppose it must be right across the isle from the “Inhuman” Relations Office, where clerks check on the whereabouts of your pets and make sure they will be looked after once you retire.

I close by saying that the two gentlemen who assisted me were thoughtful, kind and knowledgeable. I was impressed. If the people helping newbies to get in are as competent, we are, as the auto insurance company says, “in good hands”.