When I sometimes close my eyes (which one must) and dream (in June 2019), I see linguists at work in heaven [think Hebrews 12:1,2]:

  • Ken Pike is writing and reciting poetry
  • Darlene Bee is interpreting his poetry
  • Sarah Gudshinsky is teaching little angels to read
  • Bill Merrifield is charting the genealogy of a group of angels
  • Dick Pittman is acting out Bible stories
  • Velma Pickett and Ben Elson are sending grammatical insights to SIL earthlings
  • John Bendor-Samuel is finishing up his history of African linguistics
  • Des Derbyshire is lecturing fallen angels on ergativity
  • Frank Robbins is demonstrating Chinantec nasals to an angel that frequents Mexico
  • John Beekman and Millie Larson are on volume 10 of “Meaning Based Angeliconism”
  • Dave Thomas is singing loudly and without hesitation
  • Phil Staalsen is explaining to Gabriel the difference between pidgin and creole languages
  • Bob Longacre is lecturing in Hebrew to a group of seraphim
  • Clyde Whitby is making footstools for some elders; smaller ones for minor prophets
  • Howard McKaughan is playing volleyball with some tall angels
  • Vida Chenoweth is transcribing the music of fallen angels
  • Eunice Pike is checking the tone patterns on a couple of cherubim’s harps
  • Uncle Cam is ticking off translated languages in a gold plated Ethnologue
  • Jim Parlier is helping an angel repair its wing

And watching from the wings is Jesus, who is laughing and sighs, “Didn’t I tell them that heaven would take them to unexplored depths of love and creativity? They are really enjoying what they are doing. And even the residue will be fun to explore.”

Off in the distance on an immense meadow of cushioned grass 237 Jaars pilots are playing with their toy airplanes.

Nearby 453 IT specialists are busy trying to hack the devil’s main airway.

Waiting in line are Karl Franklin, Ken Gregerson, Brian Schrag, Tom Headland, Elinor Abbot, Katy Barnwell, Joe Grimes, Bernie May and a host of others. Jesus has some very enjoyable language related tasks for them as well.

Oh yes, far off in the distance and beyond a barely recognizable chasm are Dan Everitt, Ger Reesink and some of their friends. They can’t believe what they are seeing.