Harland Kerr and I have been colleagues and language group neighbors (Kewa and Wiru)  since 1958.  Harland has a website at http://www.witumowituda.wordpress.com that contains a history of he and his wife Marie’s work among the Wiru. Harland and I did surveys together in the Southern Highlands and collaborated on the Tolai Language Learning Course.

His website also contains many photos and personal recollections of their time with the Wiru (also Witu). I recommend it highly because the photos also show the tremendous work that Marie Kerr did in organizing and directing the literacy work among the Witu. Marie, also an artist and nurse, was truly a key co-worker with the Witu.

Their children, Bronwyn and Anita can also be seen in many of the photos. They too were deeply involved in the Witu work.

Harland and I continue to correspond and for many months Skyped. Harland has been working on a theory of language for many years and this is outlined in some detail on his website.