I recently came across a little book  by Caroline Taggart called An Apple a  Day: Old-Fashioned Proverbs–Timeless Words to Live By. (The Reader’s Digest, 2011). I thought I would have some fun, so I have given the first part of the proverb to see if you can fill in the second part properly, i.e., by  disregarding my attempts to be humourous on the second part (which are in bold):

Absence makes you more likely for detention

Actions speak louder than no actions

It takes all kinds to fill a boutique

All that glitters advertises Crest toothpaste

All work and no play is best at monasteries

All’s fair at the fairgrounds

All’s well if dug deeply enough

An apple a day will soon deplete a small orchard

Ask no questions and you will sit in the back row

A bad penny depicts poor minting

Barking dogs soon get hoarse

Beauty is in the eye but the doctor can get it out

Beauty is only wrinkle deep

You’ve made your bed so you can watch TV tonight

Beggars can’t be where there is no soliciting allowed

The best things in life are on Black Friday

Better late than early

Better the devil you know than watching TV evangelists

The bigger they are the more they cost

A bird in the hand is not as messy as two

Birds of a feather have not yet molted

Once bitten twice thrown up

You can’t get blood out of collapsed veins

Blood is thicker than grandma’s tomato soup

Boys will bewho knows these days?

You can’t make bricks without a lot of work

A new broom seems to break easily

You can’t have your cake if you have already had pie

There is always calm when there is no wind

When the cat’s away the dog has nothing to do

A change is as good as a vacation

Charity begins with the Salvation Army

Children should be seen if at all possible

Cleanliness is next to impossible

Every cloud has to be in the sky

Cold hands, wear gloves

Two’s company, three’s more likely

Too many cooks show up at camp

Don’t count your chickens if there are foxes around

Don’t cross your bridges with toothpicks

It’s no use crying over onions

Curiosity killed the manhole expert

The darkest hour is just before you fill the lantern

Desperate situations call for Obamacare

The devil finds work for those unemployed

Discretion is the better example when walking your dog

Do unto others as others never do

A drowning man will clutch your snorkel

The early bird catches cold

Early to bed, early to rise, makes you miserable, but small in size

Easier said than spelled

Easy come, don’t bother calling

You’ve got to eat a peck of pickled peppers before you belch

Don’t put all your eggs back under the hen

An elephant never travels light

To err is human, to forgive requires pressure

Every little bit needs cleaning up

The exception proves the formula was wrong

Familiarity breeds relatives

A fool and his money are ideal TV watchers

Fools rush in where salespeople reside

Forewarned is necessary when playing golf

A friend in need will accept a minimum of $10

Give a man enough rope and he’ll become a cowboy

God helps those who tithe

The grass is always greener over new cemetery plots

Half a loaf is better than working all day

Many hands make you eligible for the circus

Handsome is as Hollywood does

Haste makes one hurry

Two heads are better if there are two bodies

Hell hath no furry like a skinned rat

Home is where the rent is due

Honesty is the best claim for a politician

There is honor among dog shows

Hope springs eternal in the Ozark Mountains

You can lead a horse to water but you can’t ride him home

Ignorance is quite common

Imitation is the sincerest form of plagiarism

Jack of all trades, including the John

If a job’s worth doing, you should get paid

Never judge a book by John Grisham

Laugh and the whole world will look the other way

He who laughs last is not married

Laughter is the best way to be funny

A leopard cannot change its own diaper

Lightning never strikes twice if once will do

A little learning is common these days

Live and you won’t die

Look before you find your glasses

Don’t look a gift horse near its back end

Every man has his dirty socks

A man is known by the way he walks

A man’s best friend is often not home

A man’s home is where he often lives

A miss is as good as a misses

Money doesn’t grow on moldy bread

Necessity is the mother of poor grooming

Never put off till tomorrow if it is still yesterday

No news is good, and often on TV

Nothing ventured, nothing bought on-line

Out of sight, out behind the billboard

Patience is a method of waiting

He who pays the piper hears bad music

The pen is mightier than most pencils

People who live in glass houses should dress warmly

Little pitchers have bad luck in baseball

Possession is nine-tenths of keeping it

Practice makes one tired

An ounce of prevention will only be weighed on good scales

Pride goes before the lion

The proof of the pudding is right near the top

A prophet is without honor in horse races

It never rains but the rain gauge is full

The road to hell is paved with many potholes

All roads lead to Walmart

Rome wasn’t built in France

When in Rome, do as the pope says

What’s sauce for the goose tastes good on chicken too

Seeing is sometimes better with glasses

If the shoe fits, it is probably the right size

Let sleeping dogs dream of bones

Slow but steady is best when walking on a log

Where there’s smoke there is burnt hamburger

As you sow, so shall you have clothes

Spare the rod and the car may be out of line

Sticks and stones may break my bones but the Dr will fix them

A stitch in time is difficult, moving as it does through space

The straw that broke the camel’s back was a Lucky Strike

Strike while the iron is not yet melted

If at first you don’t succeed, try being a missionary

You can’t take it with you if it’s too heavy

Speak of the devil and a TV evangelist will appear

You can’t teach an old dog the new math

Time flies when you are paying by the minute

There’s a time and a place for everything but throwing up

Truth is stranger than TV

United we stand, divided we stood

Variety is what you get in a Subway sandwich

Variety is the spice of the Thrift shop

The walls have to be painted

A watched pot can tell time

Where there’s a will there are relatives waiting to get something

Two wrongs don’t make a short sentence in jail

You’re only young with the proper cosmetics