This is the Day, so they say
To buy flowers and candy.

Which would indeed would be dandy,
If not for calories and fat.

And that unfortunately would be that:
The belly would swell
And soon everyone could tell

That things were not good
In the hood.


So instead of candy and stuff,
Flowers and fluff

I’ll write you a nice poem,
Which should show’em

Love cannot be bought with money–
I’m not trying to be funny,

When I say “I love you” my love,
Isn’t that just a spot above
Candy, flowers and money?


But I’m quite sure that won’t work
So indeed I’ll not shirk,

I’ll go again to the store
And fulfill my matrimonial chore

Any flowers on sale?
Or candy not stale?

I need some for my honey,
But I’m a bit short of money.

Then I take my bargain to the house
Feeling somewhat like a louse.

Oh dear, did you hear what I found?
For just two dollars a pound?

Take them, my dear
They will bring you good cheer.


It is almost a week later now
And you may wonder how

I got this great bruise on my head
Rather than a kiss instead.

I tried so hard to be kind
And now with my arm in a bind

I no longer engage in the task
In case you ask

Of buying her candy and sweets
Next time its asparagus and beets.

Valentine’s Day, 2017