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DIU is excited to announce a new endowed scholarship fund that will impact students for years to come. The Pastor Wopa Eka Endowed Scholarship, established by Karl and Joice Franklin in honor of their dear friend and fellow Bible Translator, will assist students pursuing a master of arts in Applied Linguistics with the intent of serving in Bible translation roles among the Bibleless. You can find out more here:

Harland Kerr’s website has many pictures and a history of contact in the Wiru area. I (Karl Franklin) accompanied Harland Kerr and two patrol officers into the area when a census was taken. His dictionary, grammar sketch, anthropological materials and, especially, his metalanguage theoretical materials are available on the site. He also provides a detailed history of their work among the Wiru and the Wiru people who were an integral part of their work. Marie Kerr, an artist and literacy expert, taught Wirus to paint and scores to read.

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