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The books that I list here are: 1) a compilation of letters about Wopa Eka, a Kewa translator who died in 2013; 2) two collections of humorous short stories (2009 and 2010, both around 237pp.); 3)  a “textbook” on storytelling (12 chapters, over 150pp. and on-line here); and 4) a Festschrift that was presented to me in 2010 (454pp and available to download here). For other publications click here or here. My other books are academic in nature: on Tok Pisin (New Guinea Pidgin), Kewa (a dictionary, grammar, dialect study, etc.), The Gulf Province (an edited book), and Tolai (a language learning course). You can see them by visiting my Academics page.


Good Morning Jesus, The Story of Wopa Eka, Translator and Friend

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Short Yarns and Tall Tales & More Short Yarns and Tall Tales

Short Yarns and Tall Tales & More Short Yarns and Tall Tales

I did not sit down with a plan to write most of these stories, they just happened. There are so many unusual, interesting, and surprising things have taken place in our lives that I decided to record some of them. And when I started, many of them turned out to be funny, at least to me, and even to my wife Joice, to whom this collection is dedicated. The covers were designed by my grandson Wes.

If you would like a printed copy of either of these books, please email me your name, quantity and postal address.

Please note that I don’t sell these books, but I would like a donation to go to Wycliffe specified for the ‘West Kewa Old Testament translation program’.

Loosen Your Tongue

Loosen Your Tongue – An Introduction to Storytelling

I have designed this book for those who wish to understand and teach the details of storytelling, including telling and retelling Bible stories.

If you would like to buy a printed copy of this book, please email me.

Or you can download the e-book here (1.3mb)


A Mosaic of Languages and Cultures — Studies Celebrating the Career of Karl J Franklin

Edited by Kenneth A McElhanon and Ger Reesink

You can download the e-book here (19.4mb)

The Story of Wopa Eka


This is a story about Wopa Eka, who was born in the hamlet of Usa in 1967 and died on May 6, 2013 at Mendi hospital. As I have read Wopa’s letters or emails about him, I have often had to lay down my pen (metaphorically) to grieve, pray and rejoice.

In one email Wopa relates that he played with our son Kirk and daughter Karol (born in 1959 and 1965, respectively), as did a large number of Kewa children that congregated regularly around our house. In another letter, written to Karol in 2000, he stated that he was 34, so he would have been 47 when he died.

Wopa was the primary translator for the revision of the West Kewa (WK)[1] New Testament, and organized its dedication in July 2004. He continued as the lead translator for a team that has worked on the Old Testament, with almost half of it completed before his death.

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