Jane Jennifer Dough

April 1, 1916 – November 11, 2016

Jane Jennifer Dough, 100, of Snipers Creek Central, Texas, finally died on Tuesday, surrounded by relatives and in-laws who had waited years for her to die and loathed her. She left this earth in an arthritic body, hailed as a model for wonder drugs that had prolonged her life of pain and misery.

There is some indication that she hoarded a lot of money and had hidden it in various places about her house. Relatives are investigating the matter and promise to tithe all they find.

She was the baby sister of Joe Bubba Dough and the elder sister of Emma May Dough. Both siblings refused to attend the graveside service, performed by Rev. Dr. J.D. “Bucket” Turntable, for the First Allsides Babtist Church of Snipers Creek. She will be cremated and the ashes donated to the local Snipers Creek Landfill Association. Jane “never met a person she liked”, although several of her grandchildren gave her pause. Jane Jennifer (known early in life as Jen-Jen, but later simply as ‘Old Jen’) was a woman who was probably once pretty and hefty, although the years had taken their toll. She was formerly the Wrestling Queen of Snipers Creek H.S. and the runner-up designated as “most likely to make a lot of money somehow” in her H.S. yearbook.

Jen never liked to cook and subsisted mainly on TV dinners as she watched her favorite soap operas and TV evangelists. She will long be remembered as an occasional donor to the TV prophet Jimmy Joe (JJ) Outlook and the “Small Turtles and Lizards Association” of greater Dallas/Fort Worth.

Even after a crippling arthritic attack in 1999, Jen continued to walk to her mailbox everyday and pick up her medical samples, on-line catalogues, and daily newspaper. Yes, Jen was an avid crossword puzzle enthusiast and excelled in three letter words. She has left her thirteen cartons of solved puzzles to her granddaughter, Lois (called ‘Lowie’) Dough, and the one carton of unsolved ones to her cousin Greezie Dough.

Jen was preceded in death by almost everyone she ever knew, including her husband Booie, who succumbed to newspaper dust allergies some 50 years ago. There will be a luncheon to celebrate her life, but mostly her passing, with finger food provided by the local Fire Hall, to whom Jen once donated a large pressure cooker and thermometer.

Condolences may be offered by anyone who is game to read about her online at www.sniperscreekjentributebook.com.

Cash should not be given in her memory, but checks may be addressed to either Lowie or Greezie Dough.