I am going to compare an abortionist with a suicide bomber. Of course, there are many differences, but the objective is the same: to kill someone. In the case of abortion, it is a small fetus—a baby—in the womb of the mother. A suicide bomber, on the other hand, has a larger target in mind: as many victims as possible in a crowded area. But in both cases, it is the innocent that suffer: the small baby, not yet fully developed, or the large crowd, destroying as much of it as possible.

In both cases there are body parts purposely strewn around: the abortionist uses his or her instruments to kill the baby by removing its body parts and the suicide-bomber uses his missiles to discharge the body parts of the crowd. The abortionist does it ‘legally’ in many parts of the world, especially in the U.S., where the person is actually protected and encouraged for the deadly attack and collects a substantial fee for the efforts. On the other hand, the suicide-bomber is promised a place in paradise for his or her labor.

It is indeed work for the abortionist, who will not blow the baby up, but rather tear it limb from limb, crushing its skull and sucking out the remainder through the door of the womb. The abortionist can only do so if the mother says so—it is “her body” and she can do with it as she pleases—she can “blow up” the baby just as a suicide bomber can blow up his or her body.

It is a less than perfect analogy, but the two feats have many parallels: there is a desire to destroy and a means to do so. One uses bombs, the other stainless steel instruments, such as a uterine curette or a syringe with a spinal needle. The curette is a metal rod on one end and a loop on the other to scrape along the mother’s uterus and dislodge the baby. The syringe is used to inject chemical agents into the heart of the baby and kill it in the womb. Forceps are also used, functioning like pliers to pull parts off the body and collapse the skull.

Other instruments for embryo torture are scissors, a vacuum suction, and decapitating scissors. It does not take much imagination to know how these might be used. The abortionist and mother work together to agree on the suicide of the infant baby.

The suicide–bomber needs help too: strapping on the suicide vest and making the bombs is a cooperative effort with the terrorists who approve the act. They provide the assurance of a visit to paradise after the bomber blows himself (or herself) up, just as the abortionist and their clinics provide propaganda about the “benefits” of abortion. The abortion protagonists claim, for example, there is a “dark underbelly of religious conservatism and its obsession with controlling sex and reproduction” and that “beneath the thin layer of chivalry lies a toxic stew of religion, sexism, and judgmental certitude” (www.salon.com).

The web is aflame with sites that promote pro-choice and pro-abortion arguments. My point is not to rehash them here, but rather to equate killing an unborn baby with suicide bombers.

The suicide bomber has instruments of warfare as well: one of the devices is the nail bomb, an explosive device packed with steel balls, nail heads, needles, darts, bits of metal, etc., that will create a larger area of destruction. They have been used throughout the world: Myymanni, Finland on October 11, 2002; Cologne, Germany in June 2004; Indonesia in December 2005; May 22, 2008 in Exeter; and the list goes on. In every case dozens were killed, with body parts dispersed around public meeting places.

There is one major difference however: Once the suicide bomber is done, no one has attempted to harvest the blown up body parts and sell them. The same cannot be said for the abortionists: there is evidence that Planned Parenthood has used partial-birth abortions to sell baby parts. In fact one of their executives was caught on tape in 2015 joking about selling baby parts (organs) to buy a Lamborghini. There are web sites that detail the harvesting of fetal body parts and how much they are worth—they are graphic and disgusting and I won’t even refer to them here.

Both the suicide bomber and the abortionist/patient have decided that the sacrifice of the infant on the one hand and the crowd on the other is worth the effort. There is rarely any sense of shame or guilt on the part of the abortion gathering and, of course, we don’t know what the bomber thought before he or she detonated the bombs.

And, when there is shame or guilt on the part of a mother who has aborted a child, the pro-abortionists make light of it with poor logic: for example, claiming that someone who is pro-life cannot support unrestricted gun rights—see “republicans: You’re not pro-life, you’re hypocrites” on www.huffingtonpost.com (updated November 27, 2016 and accessed June 24, 2017).

The arguments will never end because we are sinful people arguing about each other’s personal rights instead of being concerned about God’s commandments.

However, we should not want to argue that it is right to suicide bomb or suicide abort—both are killing fields.

June, 2017