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A story about trials and promises


Once upon a time there was a man who had a number of troubles and difficulties that happened to him.  But first remember that he had always been a healthy man and was somewhat indifferent about others who had problems and sickness.  “A lot of those things that people say are wrong with them are simply imaginations,” he would say–to himself of course–for he did not want others to know what he was thinking.  Or he might think, “If these people were being better, then bad things wouldn’t happen to them.”

Then one day he too became sick.  “This is not my imagination,” he thought, “for there are sores that have appeared on my body.  What have I done wrong to make this happen?”  He said this because he believed that when someone gets sick there must be some bad reason for it.

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A story about paying taxes


This is a story that is told in the Bible three times—by Matthew (22.15-22), Mark (12.13-17) and Luke (20.20-26).  Jesus had been teaching for a long time about leaders who pretend to love God and follow his commandments but are actually lying.  Some of these leaders were the Pharisees, a group who taught in the Jewish churches (the synagogues) and were very religious about following their own laws and those of the Old Testament.  They did not like Jesus because he was teaching about the Kingdom of God and how people could be a part of it.  The Pharisees were jealous of the power that Jesus had and how the people were following him.  Because of this they decided to try and trick Jesus into saying something wrong in his teaching with his disciples and the crowds.

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